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If you partner with GLC Pro Staffing, you're not merely selecting a staffing agency. You're becoming a part of a community that's enthusiastic about providing care, motivated by excellence, and devoted to making a long-term impact on the healthcare industry. The organization is dedicated to empowering those who offer care, with a focus on creating a lasting impact on their lives and careers.

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"For the past two years, GLC has actively introduced quality candidates for our immediate staffing needs. With eleven facilities to staff, we always have a need somewhere, and they have always enthusiastically provided us with a steady flow of candidates. It's reassuring to know we can always rely on GLC to work on our behalf."

David Bienkowski, Clinical Recruitment Team Leader

"At GLC, account managers not only respond immediately and at all hours of the day or evening, but the quality of the candidates that is supplied has been excellent. Hunter is quick and efficient with addressing all concerns in an extremely timely manner, which has led to greater resident satisfaction, customer service, and is a valued partner with rebuilding the facility. In conclusion, I am wholeheartedly endorsing GLC for assistance and partnership.Thank you for all you do for our facility. You are a great example of what customer service should be."

Patrick Johnson | Executive Director

"I have enjoyed working with GLC. Our Account Manager Megan has provided excellent support for our account. We appreciate you and everything that GLC Group has done to assist our facility during a time of need."

Jeff Thomas, Executive Director

"I knew I could count on GLC to provide high-quality, well-rounded pharmacists to help us with our temporary staffing needs. I have been extremely pleased with the enthusiasm for the high standard of service that GLC delivered."

R'Kes Starling, R.Ph. Manager

"There are many choices that can be made when selecting a recruiting firm. The reasons I have chosen GLC is their commitment to detail, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile to source potential candidates. Their recruiters understand the importance of finding the right fit for our organization."

Sam Hubbard, Vice President

"I have a choice when it comes to recruitment companies, and I have dozens of them knocking on my door every day. At the end of the day, my choice is GLC because of my recruiter. She doesn't try to sell GLC services, she lives them. Her honesty and integrity are rare to find in her line of work."

Gina Mason, Director

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