Travel nursing vs. local nursing: discover what's right for you

Travel Nursing vs. Local Nursing – Are they so different?

Here are some of the most significant differences between being a travel nurse and a local nurse:

✈️🏥❤️ What's Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is like diving into a healthcare adventure! It's all about exploring new places, meeting diverse people, and gaining valuable experience along the way.

As a Travel Nurse, you get to work in various healthcare facilities on different lengths of contracts, typically lasting around 13 weeks. It's a fantastic opportunity to combine your passion for nursing with a bit of wanderlust!

⚖️⏰🗓️ Mileage Rule: A local nurse contract is similar to a travel nurse contract with one major difference—a mileage rule.

To work locally, every facility will impose a rule that states the maximum distance a nurse could live from the facility. Usually, local is within a 50-mile radius. If you live within that distance, you could receive a local nursing contract and work a per diem job without travel. If you live beyond that distance, you would only qualify for a travel nursing contract.

💸🌆 The Perks of Travel Nursing: One of the major perks is flexibility. You have the freedom to choose your assignments and locations.

Want to experience the hustle and bustle of a big city or relax in a charming small town? The choice is yours!

Plus, travel nursing often comes with higher pay rates and enticing bonuses. On average, travel nurses tend to earn more than their local counterparts.

🏥🌟👫 Adventure and Professional Growth: Travel nursing allows you to immerse yourself in diverse healthcare settings, exposing you to various patient and medical practices.

This exposure enhances your skillset, making you a well-rounded and adaptable nurse.

Moreover, the excitement of exploring new places and making friends from different backgrounds adds to the adventure of your nursing career.

🏠❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Embracing Stability and Community: On the flip side, being a local nurse has advantages too. If you prefer a stable routine and being close to home, family, kids, local nursing might be your best fit.

Local nursing offers the chance to create lasting bonds with your community.

🏠✈️ Travel Monetary Benefits: As a travel nurse, you can often take advantage of nontaxable stipends covering transportation, housing, meals, and incidentals.

Whether you choose travel nursing or local nursing, both experiences have their unique benefits.

The key is to weigh your priorities, consider your heart's desires, and make a decision that aligns with your career aspirations and personal happiness.

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