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"I was so lucky to sign up with GLC group 3 years ago. Since then, I am traveling with the company, and my experience was nothing but great and excellent. I have the best recruiters ever. My first recruiter was Lorin Cone - CEO of the company, who was very responsive to my needs. Now my recruiter is Claude, and I know even something arises along my journey, I have a person to rely on.

They helped me to get assignments I liked. I feel like I am always being taken care of, no matter where my new assignment is. Thumbs up to GLC company, its recruiters, and CEO, who is teaching recruiters to care about travelers.

I have traveled with many agencies before, and I know how important it is when you finally find a reliable and trustworthy agency that looks after you, hears your needs, and respects you."

Carmalisa Laboo

"I can say only good things about GLC company and cannot find a single negative. I've never had any issues with being paid, which is a huge deal, obviously. They're on track with any and all requirements or compliance documents that need renewing. They tell you in ample amount of time for renewal.From payroll to compliance to recruiters, they have hands-down set a standard that I'm positive moved the bar up for staffing agencies.

My recruiter Rachel has been for me from answering my questions to my biggest supporter. She has never made me feel like a burden even with all my crazy questions or need to knows. She's very knowledgeable and is always quick to respond. Huge relief to get a recruiter who's become one of my friends."

Courtney Redmond

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