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Digital assistant that helps to find Local, Travel & PRN jobs easily and organize documents securely

ViKi Care makes the journey of Healthcare professionals simple, organized and secure: From finding, landing & managing jobs to keeping track of all current, future & past assignments.

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find exclusive healthcare Travel, local and PRN jobs in all 50 states

Job search can be long, exhausting and stressful

With ViKi care it is Simple, clear and hassle free... like 1-2-3

GET YOUR perfect match of desired job, destination and pay

View Local and Travel Nursing, PRN Jobs for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, MedTechs and allied medical professionals in Hospitals, Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Senior Living, Memory Care and other Healthcare facilities.

Choose Travel, Local, PRN jobs with the pay you like.
Apply to preferred jobs at desired destination.
Submit all necessary documents and credentials.
Track job submission status with real time notifications.
Manage compliance requirements easy.
Accept or Decline offer — Love it or Hate it in 1 click.
Keep all your documents secured and organized in one mobile app in your smart phone – resume, skills checklists, licenses, certificates, referrals, medical, labs, timesheets...
Simple uploading of all necessary documents via phone camera.
On time updates on missing and expiring documents.
Extend or start YOUR new JOURNEY

If you like your current assignment, request an extension. If you are looking for new opportunities, begin your new journey without starting from scratch! — Remember ViKi care keeps all your documents in one place making it easier to apply and extend assignments.

And GET Rewards for referrals and loyalty – we want you to feel valued
Your referrals are never lost or ignored.  Once you refer someone, you can keep track of your referrals and get rewarded.
The more you travel the more rewards you get. The more you share your positive reviews — the more rewards you get.
View assignments, shifts & pay packages.
Find exclusive jobs at desired destination.
Apply to preferred jobs & shifts.
Track job submittal status with real-time updates.
Manage compliance requirements & credentials.
Keep all documents secured and organized in one place.
Accept or decline offers.
Upload time-sheets.
Extend current assignments.
Get rewards for referrals & loyalty.
What Healthcare professionals is this app for?

RNs, LPN, CNA, Med Tech, Behavioral Health Tech, Medical Assistant, Medical Lab Technician, Nurse Aid, Patient Care Tech, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomist, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiology Tech, Speech Language Pathologist, Sterile Processing Tech, Surgical Tech, CT Tech, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Nuclear Med Tech, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Med Lab Tech, Echo Tech, Vascular Tech, Mammographer, Ab/OB Ultrasound Tech, Respiratory Therapist, MRI Tech, OR Tech, Occupational Therapist, Ultrasound Tech, Cath Lab Tech, IR (Interventional Radiology) Tech, DON, Physician.

Can I use my existing LEAP profile?

Yes. You can use your LEAP login and password instead of creating a new account.

What if there are issues with the app and something is not working?

We tested to make the app convenient and simple, but if something happens, please feel free to Click support and describe what is going on or shoot an email to

What to expect after I have applied for a job?

Once you have applied, relax, do your things and get notified on your submission status.

What to expect after extension request?

After you have submitted extension request, you will be notified on your next steps. Don't worry your requests are not lost or forgotten.

Check what Healthcare Professionals share about ViKi care instead of reviews

ViKi Care reviews:

Kenny Ramirez Cedano, RRT

It’s like having a personal assistant, who cares about you and reminds you of everything you need to do on time. You don’t need to contact recruiters to make sure that no one forgot about you and nothing is missing.

Jessica Diaz, RN

I would say this app is a game changer for me. I am and organized freak and like to keep everything under control and organized. Besides I hate papers and exchanging tons of info by email. Thank you for making my travel nurse experience easier and more transparent, allowing me to feel in control of what is going on from the moment I apply to job.

Andre Campos, CNA/Surgical Tech

I am an old school CNA that has worked in many settings over the years, and I am very impressed with how easy, yet powerful, this app really is. I can search and apply for jobs on the spot, upload my documents, and submit my timesheets all in one place. In my 20 years in the industry, things have never been so easy.

Richard Adams, LPN

ViKi Care seems to be very smooth. I know it is still an early build, but it seems like a really easy and intuitive way to get all of my information uploaded into the system and find jobs. I like that it shows pay packages for a lot of the jobs. I have traveled for years and this seems to be the best application process yet. I think it is very straightforward and simple to use.

JP Cristancho, Certified immunizer & Pharmacy Technician

This app is All in one solution for me - to find and manage all my travel assignments in one place. I love that I have access to so many job opportunities and that all my documents are ready to start applying.

Carmalisa Laboo, CNA, LTC

I just love this app. Simple and easy to use. It makes managing assignments and applying to new jobs easier. I like to get notifications on every step of my job application process or submittal status.