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An ideal WORKplace
is the one that not only aligns with your career expectations, values, life-work balance but also offers an outstanding compensation and benefit package and fosters robust career development.
At GLC, we guide and assist
Executives and C-suite level professionals in achieving the most ambitious career goals and life plans.
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Our goal is to find you a job that aligns with your aspirations and support you on your Executive career journey.

Personalized Approach
We match you only with organizations that align with your skills, preferred industries, experience, long-term goals, and salary expectations.
Confidentiality and Discretion
As an executive employee, we value your privacy. GLC maintains strict confidentiality throughout the entire process, safeguarding your personal information and ensuring a discreet experience.
Expert Consulting
Our experienced team of recruiters provides guidance and consulting throughout the entire recruitment process. From refining your resume to preparing for interviews, we offer strategic insights and industry expertise to enhance your chances of securing desired executive positions.
Negotiation Support
We advocate for your best interests. GLC provides negotiation support to help you secure competitive compensation package, benefits, and other valuable perks that align with your level of expertise.
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Recruiting process for executives

We are driven by results and your satisfaction.

We assist you throughout the most challenging job search and recruiting processes, ensuring your desired outcomes.

BuilDing strategy FOR your perfect job match

Identifying career goals and compiling your personal requirements, including relocation options, salary expectations, and preferred companies.
Helping you to prepare for phone, video, or in-person interviews.
Evaluating your skills and experience to align with the requirements of the new job.
Assisting with behavioral interviews to ensure a cultural fit.
Providing ongoing career development support.

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Harry M., CFO, Fortune 500 Company:

”GLC Group managed the complex negotiations for my current role with
exemplary professionalism. Every interaction was strategic, ensuring alignment not just in role responsibilities but also in corporate ethos. Their meticulous
approach differentiates them in a cluttered market."

Scott W., Senior Tax Accountant, Global Accounting Firm:

"So, you know how job hunting is usually a pain? Not with GLC Group. They were with me every step, prepping me for assessments and even doing mock interviews. I felt like they really got me, you know? Highly recommend!"

George G., VP of Finance, Tech Start-Up:

"GLC Group offered a nuanced approach to interviews that went beyond rehearsed answers. Their support extended to the very texture of daily operations, helping me find an environment conducive to both personal and professional growth."

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Maria A., Property Manager, Premier Real Estate Firm:

"The level of detail GLC Group afforded in preparing me for my role was unparalleled. From scrutinizing the intricacies of the job description to vigorous interview preparations, their service was exhaustive and invaluable."

Robert D, Audit Director, International Consulting Firm:

"GLC Group distinguished themselves by offering a candid assessment of the market landscape. Their transparency was especially enlightening during contract negotiations, allowing me to make informed decisions that enhanced my career trajectory."

Michael B., Investment Analyst, Major Hedge Fund:

"GLC’s insights are a masterclass in industry acumen. They know what executives are really looking for in recruiting companies: precision, depth, and a personal touch. Their interview prep is tailored, their negotiation support invaluable, and their client care exceptional. Kudos to a superior team."

Juan Z., Controller, Leading Financial Institution:

"When seeking new opportunities, professionalism and industry insight are paramount. Chris from GLC Group exceeded my expectations. His deep understanding of financial roles and the intricate nuances they entail made the entire process seamless. Chris's dedication, combined with GLC's robust recruiting framework, showcased a partnership that is genuinely top-tier. I felt supported and understood every step of the way."

Isabella G., CEO, Prestigious Property Management Company:

"Navigating the realm of property management at an executive level demands precision and a clear understanding of the landscape. Brian, representing GLC Group, was instrumental in guiding my career transition. His professionalism, coupled with a keen sense of the market's intricacies, made him an invaluable asset. With GLC and Brian's expertise, I felt confident and well-represented throughout the recruitment process."

David M., Director of Finance, Leading Manufacturing Company:

"Navigating the intricate landscape of senior financial positions is no small feat. GLC Group acted as my compass, ensuring every step—from the initial screening to the final contract negotiation—was executed with utmost precision. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and truly made me feel that they had my best interests at heart."

Alexandra A., Financial Analyst, Renowned Investment Bank:

"GLC Group's comprehensive approach to the recruiting process is genuinely remarkable. The guidance I received during the assessment phase ensured that I was prepared and confident. This wasn't just about getting a job; it was about carving out my rightful place in the industry. Thank you, GLC!"

Danny V., Director of Operations, Prominent E-commerce Platform:

"The world of start-ups is dynamic, and finding the right fit is crucial. GLC Group not only understood the specifics of what I was looking for but also provided invaluable insights during the interview phase. Their social approach fosters genuine relationships, setting them apart in the recruiting sphere."

Alison T., Estate Manager, High-end Property Group:

"Transitioning to a leading real estate firm was a significant move for me. GLC Group made it seamless. From prepping me for the intense interviews to ensuring my skills were a perfect match for the role, they were with me every step of the way. I truly felt supported and understood."

Mike D., Compliance Officer, Global Financial Services Firm:

"GLC Group's mastery over the recruitment landscape is evident in their tailored approach. They recognized the unique challenges of my role and ensured I was not just placed, but placed where I could thrive and grow. Their support during the negotiation phase was particularly commendable."

Emily W., Portfolio Manager, Leading Asset Management Company:

"The financial world is competitive, and every edge counts. GLC Group gave me that edge. Their holistic approach, especially during the interview prep, was nothing short of exceptional. In a world of transactional relationships, GLC stands out for its commitment to true partnership and success."

Benjamin L., Cost Accountant, Top Multinational Corporation:

"Wow, where do I begin? GLC Group turned the tedious job-hunting process into something... genuinely enjoyable? Yep! They got to know me, prepped me for assessments like I was going for an exam, and suddenly the role I've wanted was mine. Thanks to the team!"

Sandy H., Chief Operations Officer, Renowned Tech Innovator:

"In the bustling start-up world, it's all about pace and fit. GLC Group? They're the maestros. Their approach wasn't just about ticking boxes but ensuring a perfect match. And the interview prep? Like having a trusted friend whispering advice in your ear. Two thumbs up!"

Oliver P., Estate Developer, Luxury Property Consortium:

"Immensely grateful! Picture this: transitioning into a real estate giant, nerves all over, and then there's GLC Group — my solid rock amidst the shifting sands. From rigorous interview preps to role alignment."

Emma R., Risk Manager, Leading Consulting Enterprise:

"Navigating the complex world of international consultancy requires tact, strategy, and a bit of flair. GLC Group brought all three to the table. Their personalized approach, especially during the crucial negotiation phase, made all the difference. Here's to a true partnership!"

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